The Scope of Inspectional Measures

The inspection services sector is one that is here to remain for as long as there are people living on this planet. In most cases, a lifting equipment inspection service will consist of either a planned examination or a formal evaluation activity.

Industries Covered

Every industry engages in lifting operations as a standard practice, and these lifting operations are an integral element of their day-to-day operations.

  • Civil and Building construction companies
  • Airport
  • Refinery
  • Oil producing companies and their contractors
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Maintenance and service stations
  • Agriculture and other related industries that possess lifting equipment

Construction Equipment Inspection

The goal of this inspection is to determine whether or not construction equipment can be used, modified, and maintained...

Lifting Equipment inspection

We are currently providing a full package of lifting equipment inspection services throughout the majority of the projects...

Lifting Accessories Inspection

Any item that is used to link a load to the lifting appliance but is not actually a component of either the load